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4 Simple Ways To Use Your Printer Wisely And Reduce Paper Waste

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4 Simple Ways To Use Your Printer Wisely And Reduce Paper Waste

There’s a common issue among millions of business owners and that’s the wasting of paper. Every day tons of paper are used to print pages from the web or files from computer apps, but it seems that only a small percentage of all that printing is necessary. What about all the rest of the printing? It’s a waste.

paperThe Weight Of Paper Waste On Business Costs

Paper waste is indeed a big issue for a countless number of businesses all across the world, especially in the most advanced countries where the offices are provided with several printers. The bottom line is that paper waste has not only a negative impact on the environment but it adds an extra expense to the regular business administration process. According to recent studies, paper waste from public offices, schools, and companies of all types makes up the biggest part of the non-recycled waste.

If you run a business, you get the idea, you can’t afford to spend money on paper that will be mostly wasted at the end of the month. In the long term, this issue will cost you even more than you may suspect. Now is the time to make some changes to how you manage your paper at the office. Moreover, you should teach your employees to follow the recommendations, as well.

Positive Aspects Of Reducing Paper Waste

One of the most relevant positive results of reducing paper waste is that you will cut off a big business expense. Secondly, you will also reduce the need for regular printer maintenance and, finally, you will conduct rational and intelligent business management.

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Ways To Make Some Changes

Back to the paper waste issue. You need a bunch of useful ideas to change the way your team of employees uses paper and printers at the office. We think that you should get started with the followings:

  1. Think twice before you decide to print
    The use of computers and other devices tend to make us too impulsive when it comes to print decision-making. So, if you see something interesting, you immediately may want to have it printed. This habit leads to negative results, including the waste of paper. The best thing to do is to fight against the temptation of printing everything and rather thinking twice about each impulse to print. Ask yourself “is it necessary?”.
  2. Take notes instead of printinghandwriting
    Oftentimes, people prefer to find and print things from the web instead of taking notes the traditional way. You can take notes by using paper and pen or you can also create a file and type your notes in it. Both ideas are great to replace the find-and-print habit. This way you will use the printer only when necessary.
  3. Online storage instead of paper folders
    There’s nothing worse than having the office completely filled in with heavy folders… rather go paperless! You will not only struggle to keep everything in order, stored and accessible, but you have also less available space to use in the office because of all those bulky folders, without mentioning the paper waste issue and its costs. So, what you have to do is to use an online storage tool to keep your files stored in the digital format, which is way simpler, more practical, and more efficient than printing and creating folders all the time.
  4. Eliminate extra printers
    Probably, your office has several printers which encourage your employees to go and use them impulsively. It’s clear – you must eliminate some printers. Also, manage the paper in the printer holder in person and make sure that your employees won’t add extra paper to keep printing pages. You may also ask them to pay for each extra sheet they want to print… this action will keep them from non-stop printing!  Plus, you can install software that monitors the number of prints per employee.

The paper waste issue is connected to the waste of toner cartridges, as well. You can do the math and see that reducing the amount of printer usage brings more dollars to your pocket!


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