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4 Ways You Can Reduce Printer And Paper Waste

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4 Ways You Can Reduce Printer And Paper Waste

The advent of digital tools led to important changes that affect our life and way of working, as well. When the use of computers and printers were still at the beginning, nobody could think that one day people would end up being overwhelmed by printed paper.

tons of foldersThe “Evergreen Charm” Of Printed Paper And Its Costs

It happens simply because we tend to want important things that we find on the internet printed on a paper sheet. Although the digitalization process seems to be pretty developed (and continuing to develop further), printed paper is often more comfortable and practical than digitally accessible documents. Oftentimes, we have to sign documents in person, so handwriting is still very important in the field of official documents.

Despite companies might take a big step forward to reduce the number of paper sheets in their offices, there are still employees and clients who need to have a printed document in their hands rather than a virtual file stored on a computer. Probably, this is a matter of habit or tradition. No matter what it is, what makes all the difference for companies is that reducing the amount of used paper and, by consequence, of wasted paper is enormously difficult. There are several costs associated with the usage of paper at the office and they include not only the cost of paper and ink or toner cartridges but also the energy to run the printers or the money to pay the printer service. Without adding the money to pay for printer maintenance and repair. Finally, another important cost due to the usage of printed paper is buying office furniture to place paper documents (in certain offices, there are up to hundreds of folders!).

How Digitalization Comes Into Play

The digitalization came to simplify many aspects of the everyday work at the office as well as of study at school and college. It helps reduce efforts for reproducing relevant materials. Now, you can download, save, and store those materials on your device and keep them stored as long as you want. If you don’t need anything, you can eliminate it in a couple of clicks.

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It’s Time To Get Rid Of Paper!employee who prints paper

So, back to the point – your employees tend to print too often when at the office or your kids want to print everything they find via the internet at home. You have to limit the usage of printers and paper unless you want to get your printer exhaust and your paper used up in less than a month!

This list of methods are meant to help you put a stop to your employees or kids need of printing almost everything:

  1. Shared printers
    At the office, you’d better remove all personal printers and place a shared printer for everyone. This will discourage your employees from printing everything.
  2. Print reminder
    Sometimes, employees tend to print again the same pages because they simply forgot they’ve already printed them or because they lost the printed sheets. Give your employees a print reminder and have them use it to keep track of what they print, how many pages, when and why.
  3. Switch from single-side to double-side
    One of the biggest reasons for paper waste is that your printers are set on the single-side option. Change this setting and move to the double-side option, so you’ll save nearly up to half paper.
  4. Charge for excessive usage
    It’s not the funniest method to have, but consider that at some point you can charge your employees for excessive usage of the printers. Settle a limit of printed pages per week or month and ask your employees to stay within it. If they won’t, charge a fee on each extra printed page.

In a nutshell, teach your employees how to limit the usage of printers and have them learn new habits that help save money and reduce useless tons of paper at the office.

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