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+44-8455280235 Lexmark Printer Support Number

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+44-8455280235 Lexmark Printer Support Number

When the Lexmark  VTA phone adapter is properly connected and powered up, the PowerLED will be solid green, and the Internet and Phone LEDs will be either solid or flashing. If you encounter issues, see the General Troubleshooting section below

Lexmark Printer Support Number.

General Troubleshooting

  • If the green Power and Internet LEDs do not start flashing after you connect the power cord, make sure that both the power cord and Ethernet cable are connected securely.
  • If you do not hear a dial tone after you have set up your adapter, make sure that the phone cord from the telephone is plugged into the correct phone port. If it is connected properly try a different phone or phone cord.
  • When the Power LED blinks, the phone adapter is powering up and attempting to connect to the Vonage Network. If the Power LED does not turn solid within a few minutes check your Ethernet connections and make sure you have internet access. You may need to Restart Your Phone Adapter and Network Devices.

Problem With ?

Folks, We Know that  Printer Can be Tricky And Headache Sometimes And If You Have Already Spend Lot of Time Trying to Fix It With No Success Than You Must Be Getting A Feeling to Throw It Out of Windows Or May Be You Are Thinking To Get a New Printer.

Wait Wait Don’t Just Throw It Yet Without Giving One Last Shot To Our Methods.

Word Of Advice – Resetting The Wireless Printer Has to Be The Last Option And Do Not OverReset Any Wireless Printer It May Cause Hardware Failure To Your Printer.

if You Resetting it Only Because It’s Not Working Than Give the Last Try Before We Help You  Reset  to Its Default Settings. Perform a Power Cycle And See if That Works Than You Won’t have to Reset Your Printer

For Any Other Problem Please Continue To Read –  Printer Common Problems And Solution

Reset  Printer –

Friends, There is Mostly Two Methods  You Can Be Used to Reset Your  Wireless Printer.

  1. Soft Reset Using Printer Dashboard
  2. Hard Reset Using The Reset Key

Now Follow The Steps One By One

Soft Reset Using  Printer Dashboard –

Question– Why Should I Try Soft Reset First When I Can Do Hard Reset In First Place ?

Answer– Dear Friends There Are High Chances of Your Lexmark  Getting Hardware Failure By Doing Hard Reset.



Today We Will Learn How to Lock And Secure Your  Wireless Printer And Prevent All Unauthorized Access. We Will Provide You Complete Guide Given Almost every scenario Where You Might Need Our Help.

Table Of Contents

  • 1 Secure Printer –
  • 2 Understand The Home Wireless Printer Security –
  • 3 Setup Password For Wireless Network –
  • 4 Lock Printer Dashboard –

Secure  Printer –

Friends We Have Spend Weeks On This Topic And We Understood Why People Face Problem With Thier Wireless Security. Please Read it Till Last To Understand The Printer Security And We Promise You At The End You Will Have Your Secured And Protected.

Let’s Just Call Out Few Situations Where You Might Need To Change Or Setup New Password to Your  Wireless Printer.

  • Do You See Yellow exclamation mark on Your network Name?
  • Are Your Neighbours Are Trying to Steal Your Internet?
  • Too Many People Know The Wireless Password And You Would Like to Change That Etc.

Let’s Go And Try to Secure  Wireless Printer.

Understand The Home Wireless Printer Security –

Before We Tell You How to Protect Your  Printer We Would Like You to Choose Which Security Do You Actually Want –

Dear Friends Its Essential That You Understand The Difference Between Security For Printer And Wireless.

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