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8 Pros And Cons Of Laser Printers Vs Inkjet Printers

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8 Pros And Cons Of Laser Printers Vs Inkjet Printers

One of the most important machines that help us fasten our work and study is the printer. Today, having a printer at home or the office is a necessity rather than a luxury. Printers allow employees to have a large number of papers printed in a few minutes. Moreover, there are different types of printers available in the market, for example, laser printers and ink printers.

The Ideal Office Equipment

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Emergency Situations At The Office

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Laser Printers – What’s Good And What’s Bad?

laser Vs inkjet

Among the several instruments you may wish to have at home and the office, printers turn out to be as useful as affordable. Today, you can find a very large array of high-quality printers of all kinds. Laser printers seem to attract more consumers recently. So, we’ve decided to look deeply into the advantages and disadvantages of using a laser printer, and here’s what we’ve discovered for you. Let’s start with the advantages:

  1. Faster
    Laser printers are faster than inkjet printers as they can print 20-to-40 pages per minute. So, laser printers are the ideal choice for an office with large volumes of documents to print.
  2. Sharper
    Another good point of laser printers is that they are sharper than other models of printers. Even the smallest details in a complex graphic design look perfect.
  3. Cheaper
    The overall costs for a laser printer are cheaper in the long-term if compared to the costs for other kinds of printers. Laser printers have a one-toner cartridge that can print more pages than an inkjet-toner cartridge.
  4. More durable
    The laser printers are designed to be durable and reliable over time, also because these kinds of printers are made for the long haul. If you have to invest some money on a durable printer, the laser option is the best deal.

And here are the disadvantages that we’ve found in laser printers:

  1. Higher price
    Although the maintenance costs are cheaper than those for inkjet printers, the initial cost for purchasing a laser printer is more expensive. If you are on a budget you need a printer for occasional needs, you’d better look into inkjet printers.
  2. Only one type of paper
    Laser printers work with only standard copy-style paper. This means that you can’t use any other type of paper as you can do with inkjet printers.
  3. No photos
    Although laser printers offer an overall high-quality printing even with the most complex designs, they aren’t the best options for photographers who need to print their shots. It turns out that the high-quality printing of laser printers is suitable for graphics that have only a few colours.
  4. Warm-up
    Laser printers work faster than other printers (we’ve already talked about this feature) but they require longer times to warm up. If you need a quick up-and-run printer, you should choose an inkjet model.

So, there are some advantages as many as disadvantages in using a laser printer. Our 8 pros and cons will certainly help you get the best type of printer for your needs.


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