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Elements of well-designed brochure printing

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Elements of well-designed brochure printing

Being able to use your printer for marketing content like brochures it’s a very good way to make the most out of your office supplies and really get your marketing message out there. It’s always important to have your printer contact support readily available for any snags you might encounter during your printing process. With printer support you can fix the problem quickly and get back to your printing.


Getting your brochure printing design right is a nuance. Consider font, message and size when setting out to design a lead-generating and memorable piece of marketing

When it comes to brochure printing, it can be challenging creating an eye-catching and professional piece of work that doesn’t just get glanced over or thrown away. In fact, it is essential that companies look to market their brand as effectively as possible, particularly in such a competitive environment where it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out. 

For this reason, a brochure is an essential part of advertising and when designed properly, they can successfully open a multitude of windows of opportunities.

So what makes a brochure stand out? Sure, we can look at different styles and decide what we do and don’t like, but implementing such factors into the final product can really differentiate a brochure from being just average to something spectacular and innovative.

Identify Your Purpose

Before you start getting creative with your brochure printing, you need to find your purpose and make sure that you keep it in mind throughout the entire campaign. So start by outlining the objectives of the brochure and establish a brief. If you’ve already done brochures previously for the same product or service, determine what did and didn’t work. Don’t rush into the project, take the time to confirm what you want exactly and build a solid platform.

  • Think about your business’s vision and theme and try to stick to it during the brochure printing process. 

  • The colours you choose should be consistent throughout the material and reflect your brand as well as tie in with existing marketing collateral.

  • Keep in mind that different colours create different moods. 

  • You can combine a variety to reveal a warm, spicy feeling or use simple whites, greys and blacks for a more classic and elegant look and feel.

Simplicity Equates to Sophistication

If done right, a busy design can be effective but more often than not, less is more. Don’t feel the need to decorate everything or fill in every single white space. Layout and design is the key to a good brochure so use simplicity to create a sophisticated and memorable impression. Also use punchy and simple statements as attention-grabbers.

Since brochures aren’t that big in size, you’re relying on a limited space to say a lot. So keep your fonts neat and easy to read. Again, understand your organisation’s theme and keep the style consistent. Make use of headings and break the text up with white space. Too much writing can be overwhelming for readers and cause them to disregard your brochure. The rule of thumb is not to use more than three fonts and as a minimum use a point 11.

If you aren’t using high res photos, you’re letting your brochure down. Remember, a picture can speak a thousand words and readers therefore want images that are pleasurable and pleasant to flick through. If you plan on taking the pictures yourself during the brochure printing process, use a good quality camera. Alternatively, look at purchased image sites such as Shutterstock. Here you can download high quality images at great prices. 

These are just a few of the essential elements that go into making an eye-catching and readable company brochure.

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