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Simple 5-Step Guide To Common Printer Problems

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Simple 5-Step Guide To Common Printer Problems

You’ve just decided to get a new computer and, on that occasion, you’ve also decided to buy a printer. You are pretty satisfied with your new purchases as, after all, now you can have all you need at home.

Either you need to print documents for school, university or for work, your computer and printer will help you be more efficient with your time. Your home is going to look like a real office.

Make Your “At-Home” Officeat-home office

Many people all across the world get to the important decision to transform a corner of their home into a sort of small office, so they can work from home. That’s a growing trend in the actual employment market which reflects how the world is changing. Technologies and advanced tools, including computers and printers, allow a growing number of people to access online job positions and earn money without going out and driving for miles in the traffic to reach a workplace.

There are several advantages.  First off, you won’t have to use your car, you’ll save on fuel cost. But on the other hand, you’ll have to pay special attention to your at-home office. Secure it by locking the door so your kids won’t mess your stuff or upgrade the window deadbolt locks (especially if your at-home office is on the ground floor) to avoid home break-ins. For more details about the best locksmith services to improve your home safety, visit our link, and get in touch for advice and request an estimate for the services that you need to install home office locks.

How To Get Rid Of Printer Troubles

Both computers and printers are “machines”. This means that they might give you troubles from time to time due to a very large array of different reasons. For example, connectivity errors or software issues might seriously affect the correct performance of your printer.

If you are new to the world of printers, you may be afraid that you are not to be able to fix a technical issue. No worry, we’re here to help you! Get this list of most typical printer issues and how to fix them easily and safely:

  1. Lack of power indicator
    If you can’t find a power indicator on your printer, make sure it’s turned on. When your printer is on, a LED light indicates the printer is ready for work. Another reason why the indicator doesn’t turn on is because of connectivity issues between the printer and the power source, so check the power cable and see if it properly connected and check your network or wireless connection as well. In the case, the printer power button doesn’t or your device is unable to connect to the network work you’d better contact the local printer service provider for more help.
  2. Orange or blinking lights
    When an orange or blinking light indicator turns on, your printer has an error. It might mean that there’s a paper jam or another issue with the ink or toner or paper feeds. Unfortunately, on this point, every printer model and brand works differently. So, you should check your printer manual or make a phone call to the manufacturer’s office to learn more.
  3. Lack of paperprinter
    Oftentimes, people give the input to print documents without making sure there’s enough paper. No paper or paper jam issues happen frequently, as a consequence. So, verify that there is sufficient paper and if you see there’s a paper jam somewhere in the printer body, and try to remove the paper gently.
  4. Self-test page
    Some printer models are provided with a self-test function that works independently from any command via the computer or printer terminal buttons. The self-test allows you to know if the printer is working correctly or it has issues. If you don’t understand the printer report page after the self-test, consult the manufacturer website or manual, you may also get in touch with the printer support provider for specific information and assistance.
  5. Printer ink
    One of the most common printer issues involves ink cartridges. You see there’s no ink, you replace the old cartridge with a new one, but the printer still says there’s no ink. The fact is that most printers need up to a few minutes to detect the new cartridge. So, first shut down the power to the printer, then remove the new ink cartridges and replace them once again and wait for a minute. Turn on the printer and, if you’ve replaced the cartridge correctly, the printer will work.

All you need is a lot of patience and little practice to become acquainted with your new printer. Make sure to keep the manufacturers owner manual at an easy reach for a quick consultation.


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