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Start Your Printing and Photocopy Business Securely

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Start Your Printing and Photocopy Business Securely

Thanks to the internet, smartphones, and apps, we are more productive than ever. Tasks that are normally completed in days are now done in hours. Also, these new technologies allow us to automate our transactions and complete these online. With the internet and laptops, some transactions no longer need to physically write it down and spend on paper.

Despite these advancements, there’s still a need for the old-school way of printing and photocopying. As long as there are schools, offices, and government offices in need of reports, papers, and pamphlets, printing and photocopying are still needed. For these reasons, planning and setting up a printing and photocopying shop is still a sound investment. With this business, you can tap into the growing demand for educational materials and office paraphernalia. But before you get too excited, check out first some critical requirements from the equipment, location to its security through a locksmith company near me.

Location of your shop

For most businesses, this is a critical requirement that should not be ignored. Compared to other businesses, you’re not too concerned with a high-traffic or high-density area. What’s more important here is the identification of a relevant location. With a photocopying and printing shop, you want to position your business near schools, universities, and government agencies. The bulk of your business will come from these sectors.

Always invest in premium printing equipment.

Shop for your equipment

Printers and photocopiers are at the heart of your business. Before you consider the store design or the installation of an office security camera, make sure you focus on the equipment that will do the hard work. There are many brands of photocopiers and printers available in the market, but you can’t go wrong with the established names like Epson and Canon. These companies offer several models of printers and photocopiers that can work with your budget and specific needs. When faced with several brands and models, always look for durability and efficiency. You must look for machines that can produce 20 to 50 copies. It can also help if these printers can connect through Wi-Fi. Your job becomes easier and more convenient if you can get online when managing printing jobs.

For your printing equipment, you have two options – directly purchase the equipment or just rent it out. Renting equipment can be cheaper today but can be costly for the long-term performance of your business. You also need to prepare a desktop that can be installed with several publishing software including Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, and Photoshop. Don’t forget to include paper supplies and other accessories to your shopping list.

A well-secured printing shop

Just like other businesses, you need a space where you can receive your clients and maintain the printing and photocopying equipment. There’s no specific size or area that’s recommended for a printing and photocopying business. As long as the store is large enough to accommodate all of your equipment and supplies and customers are comfortable, then that size is enough.

Aside from size, you should also focus on the security of your printing shop. Keep in mind that your printing equipment is costly and there are supplies present so it’s a requirement that you also need to invest in security. For this type of shop, you need an emergency locksmith service company that can install locks, set-up an office security camera, and have the skills in rekeying the lock. Just like a locksmith for a car, you need to work with a local emergency locksmith service provider. You’ll never know when a security problem will happen so you need to work with a team that offers 24 hr emergency locksmith services.


You still need to market your printing and photocopying business. As a business owner, you need to set your business apart from the competition. And one of the best ways of pushing your brand is by offering competitive prices. You must have the capacity to ‘lower the price’, especially for volume orders. Remember, students and classroom teachers are not the wealthiest customers but in your business, they are the ones who will need your services often. If you can’t lower the price, at least make the pricing more competitive and by offering something extra, like friendly staff or a secure location that’s backed by 24-hour office security camera.

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